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My name is Valentino, but most people just call me Val. Yeah, I know you probably know me by now, watching me perform live on my website or you probably own a video of me or my frat buddies. If you don't, you will because I am planning on making my videos available again real soon!

Not only will you be able to get the older copies, but a bunch of guys here in college and in my fraternity are in the process of making their videos so I can post them here on my site!

I know a bunch of you guys have been waiting patiently for me to finish the re-design of my website but it has been crazy here at school and I have not had much time to work on it. No need to fret! I plan on finishing the re-design within about a month.. so check up on me here often!

For those of you that are here for the first time, here is a little 401 about me and my website FratVideo.com; I started this site when I turned 18 (2003) I bought the domain name off of a friend that was using it to sell videos of himself jerking off. Anyway, he decided that maintaining it was too much work and decided to pass it on to me as long as I kept selling his videos for him!

I started the site with allot of fanfare, everybody loved it and selling the videos became a full time job! I recruited some of my frat buddies to take over getting the videos out to all of my loyal fans so I could do some school work and have a social life! : )

I also started doing live webcam shows on the internet when I had the time! Once again, my loyal fans kept me so busy, I would fall asleep in class! So, I took a little break and decided I would be back in full force once again soon.

College is expensive so I decided I would continue my website and have started doing live shows again (Link below). This way, I can touch base with all the cool guys I used to chat with before.

Lookin ahead, I am upgrading the site so that you can watch all of my frat buddies live right here and interact with the guys at my fraternity. When I move out of here, a bunch of us are getting a large condo and putting cameras everywhere so you can all watch us doin crazy shit ; )

I plan on getting a bunch of frat guys I know to show off on webcam and do some great videos for all you fratboy lovers!

Videos will be made available again real soon along with a bunch of fresh faces.

I wanna thank everybody for their support and I hope you keep checkin me out!

If you are new to my website here is a little about me:

I'm 100% Italian
, 22yo, 5'11" and weigh 170 lbs. I have long (spiked) and sometimes short dark hair and hazel eyes, athletic, work out 5x a week blah blah. I am straight acting and looking and I'm a spunky devil  ; P


I grew up in Long Island New York and moved to Manhattan to go to school here at NYU. I joined a fraternity and the rest is history. I'm a Pisces so kinda a big show off sometimes as ya will find out, maybe 'cause I didn't get too much attention and was dropped on my head as a kid...HAHA

I'm a very touchy - feely type of guy, I love it when someone massages my shoulders when they see me stressed, love the idea of male bonding. I'm extremely open minded about stuff, I piss in the shower like most dudes do...LOL

I consider myself BI.. if it feels good, I say go for it! ; p

I am really into sports. Like playing football, lacrosse & I like to wrestle. Volley Ball on the beach is always fun! Its always fun to have other people staring at my six pack while I'm jumpin around hehehe.

Personal Favorites:

Color: Blue
Clothes: A & F, Old Navy, Gap, Armani. In the summer I wear cargo shorts, a tee shirt, flip-flops, or sneaks, and a baseball cap. In the winter I wear a hoodie, cargo pants, Tims, and usually a baseball cap or hoodie.
Current Cologne: A & F Fierce - Adidas Adrenaline - Jovan Ginseng N-R-G
Boxers or Briefs? Boxer Briefs
Sneakers: Size 10.5 - Nike Air, Adidas
Favorite time of year: Summer - I hate cold weather! I even freeze getting out of the shower!

When I have the time, I like going out to nightclubs and chilling with friends. I love techno, house music, breakbeats, DJ Tiesto and DJ Morales.. Crobar New York RoCkS!

I love to laugh, hang out, be cool with my friends, easy to get to know, easy to get along with, plays well with others. This website is a kewl way for me to chat with my friends, they are a fun bunch to talk to. I'm Chill, I'm Real, I dig being me. If you'd like to contact me, Click Here. I hope you enjoy and thanks for checking out my website duuuuude.


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